Canadian and Turkish Women’s Association of Ottawa

Canadian and Turkish Women’s Association of Ottawa

"Bridging Cultures"

The principal object of CATWAO is to provide a platform for Canadian and Turkish women to promote a better understanding and appreciation of their respective cultures, thus fostering goodwill and working towards better integration in the multicultural community.


This objective will be achieved through a variety of activities in the fields of art, culture, literature, women’s issues, and other complementary events.


CATWAO Executive (2018-2019)

President: Fejda Saran

Vice-President: Ina McCuaig

Treasurer: Semra Gulder

Secretary : Serap Erdebil

Members at Large :(by alphabetic order)

  • Fatos Baudouin

  • Suna Eraslan

  • Nilay Erisoglu

  • Prof Elyse Piquette

  • Dr. Inci Sevgi

  • Prof. Handan Tezel

Immediate Past President: 

  • Leyla Baran Khan

Founding Members:(by alphabetic order)

  • Tildet Foster

  • Semra Gülder

  • Ayse Heinbecker

  • Gail MacDonald

  • Margaret Mitchell

  • Füsun Ören

  • Gunilla Wade

Honorary Members:

Jacquelin Holzman - Former Mayor of Ottawa

Monique Martin - Canadian Artist and Art Educator

Evelyn Greenberg - Ottawa Pianist, Former Music Professor

Füsun Ören - Founder and Past President of CATWAO